The aim is to minimise the "..blaah.." and add some chirpy & inspiring "Hoplá!" into everybody's life.

Hoplá is all about making the everyday life brighter and more fun! Hoplá is known for its prints and patterns, like MURSU (the walrus), Rimboe and Birdy that are printed on bright new and colourfully patterned recycled fabrics. Hoplá loves vintage fabrics with their expolding colours, rich patterns and all the stories they have to tell. The vintage fabrics are taken to another level by adding a Hoplá print onto them and sewing them into something new. The Hoplá product range consists of a wide variety of accessories; purses, bags, reflectors, earrings and all sorts of other fun things! The products are either unique pieces or small series as they are all hand-made by Inka who is the master-ess of the Hoplá universe. If you need something custom-made, please do not hesitate to drop us a line!

Hoplá designs is a small one-woman design brand based in Helsinki, Finland. All Hoplá products are hand-printed and hand-made locally by Hoplá's founder & designer Inka Honkanen. Hoplá's idea follows its founder's ideology: not taking things too seriously and enjoying the little things in life.

And in case it isn't obvious, Hoplá LOVES walruses!



Inka Honkanen

+358 40 960 5371